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Owner of Audio Northwest since 2003, Jesse Peterson is a custom fabrication and aftermarket accessory, integration expert. Jesse's professional involvement in the car audio industry dates back to 1997. Not only has he developed his skills over the course of ​23 years, he has witnessed the evolution of technology in automotive production. Jesse has invested in training to meet the developments in this industry in order to best serve his customers. 


He is the PNW representative for numerous award-winning retail lines. As an advocate for improvement on all fronts of the car audio industry, he works with other local shops to upgrade installation tools and  develop more sophisticated techniques. He designs and manufactures his own line of bench prep jigs which are sold and distributed world wide assisting in more efficient remote-start and head unit installation techniques. It is not uncommon to find Jesse working on handcrafted, custom design tweeter pods or a tailor-made sound enclosure.






Kristen brings years of customer service relations, communications, and community service experience. As Audio Northwest Manager, she oversees every aspect of each installation and maintains all clientel communication. Happy to provide customer assistance in install and operational technologies, she serves customers and  installations. Kristen is the connection between customers and technology interface. You can always find her building estimates, corresponding, conducting consultations, or installling your next favorite upgrade.